travis / 19 / magigirl catboy / lesbian

hello! welcome to my website. i wasn't old enough for the early days of geocities, web2.0 started a year after i was born. however, i had since earned a love and appreciation for the websites of yesterday, which always made me want to make my own. ive recently found a bit of an interest in webdev, leading to me making my own personal website! wanna know more about what i like? check out my favorites!
some of my titles include evil cartoonist, girl online, and ceo of fortnite

。*:☆(・ω・) locations around the net! (・ω・)。:゜☆。

flight rising
gaia online

。*:☆fact zone!。:゜☆。

sign: libra favorite color: red
favorite animals: red panda, tanuki favorite flower: roses
i am an ace lesbian! i am a magigirl and a catboy!

。*:☆blinkies! stamps! buttons!。:゜☆。


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⨀ sun in libra:
your sun is in libra, meaning you are fundamentally oriented towards fairness and justice. your always-generous relativism allows you to see both sides of every situation, though this may sometimes come off as indecisive or insecure. you don't get tied down to a single view of things—you frequently question yourself and rethink your views; you're more impressionable than you appear. you do what you say and can get a lot done. typically well-dressed. it's in your second house, meaning you feel the need to distinguish yourself from others through material possessions and security.
☽ moon in libra:
your moon is in libra, meaning your emotional self is balanced, harmonious, sees both sides of every situation, indecisive, relationship-oriented, and desperate to please. you can be a little self-obsessed, but tend to hide your feelings and needs. it's in your second house, meaning you find security and safety through money and material possessions.