。*:☆what are content packs?。:゜☆。

content packs are texture, sound, or music alterations for the game toontown. many content packs exist and can be found online. this is the one stop shop for content packs made by me!

。*:☆how do they work?。:゜☆。

installing content packs is very simple!

step 1: download the .zip file

step 2: extract the file

step 3: in the game folder, make a folder named contentpacks. in some servers, they may already have the folder made for you.

step 4: move the extracted files into the contentpacks folder and launch the game!

still confused? each of my content packs comes kitted with installation instructions, including images!

note: all of my content packs are made for corporate clash. it is unlikely they will work on other servers.


ver 0.0.0 (coming soon) - 0kb

ver 0.0.0 (coming soon) - 0kb

ver 1.0 - 1839kb